Capital Investment Needs

Every church needs building or program improvements that cost more than the budget can afford. Every church needs to make a list of these capital items. This list should encompass all ministry areas and range from small amounts to very … [Continue reading]

Use Offering Time To Tell Stories

Donors want to hear how their gifts are being used in ministry. A financial statement doesn’t tell the whole story. Church leadership must share interesting stories of how offerings are being used.Find 52 compelling stories and insert … [Continue reading]

Giving Cards in Pews

People who come to church often want to give but they don’t have cash or checks on them. With digital donations now available, giving to the church can be done anytime. Churches can provide a “giving card” that informs people of the various ways they … [Continue reading]

Community Invitation Campaign (Marketing)

Marketing works - the proof is that so many companies “Just Do It” (Nike) and “Think Different” (Apple). Churches used to do marketing when they advertised the annual revival or other special services. Today, most churches have forgotten the need to … [Continue reading]

Keep Your Database in the Cloud

A file server is the main computer in an office which stores the central files/database and software that an organization uses. These servers cost several thousand dollars and last about five years. You no longer need a file server. … [Continue reading]

Bid Contracts Regularly

Once you get to know a vendor, it is comfortable to stay with that company indefinitely. They know the building and the equipment and the church knows the service tech. However, best practices are to bid out your contracts every 3 to 5 years. This … [Continue reading]

More Banking Savings

Pay bills by ACH and onlineIt costs about $1 to process a paper check: the check stock, envelope, ink, stamp, and time all add up.Paying bills online is cheaper (there are still bank processing fees and time) and has some residual … [Continue reading]


Have one checking and one investment account, not multiple accounts of each type.Some churches have multiple accounts to stay under the FDIC coverage of $250,000, but please know that in almost 90 years of its existence, the FDIC has … [Continue reading]