More Expensive but Beneficial Measures

Here are some savings on electricity which cost more, but which also have benefits beyond energy efficiency. Here are some ideas. Wooden windows need to be painted every 5 to 7 years. Instead of painting, use the money and replace them with … [Continue reading]

Natural Energy Efficiency Improvements

Nature itself can be used to help your utility bill. These methods are popular and they are quite effective. Green Roof. If you have a flat roof, install as much greenery as possible. Plants on a roof will absorb heat and rain water, which would … [Continue reading]

Motion Sensor Equipment

For a multitude of reasons, people in churches don’t turn off lights. Fortunately there is motion sensor technology that can do this work for us. There are a variety of motion sensors that can save money while providing what we need. Motion … [Continue reading]

Better Lighting Techniques

Many church buildings are not energy efficient - they were built when electricity and gas were cheap. Today, the utility bills of church buildings are a major budget item. Churches can reduce their energy bills by taking small steps every year which, … [Continue reading]

Hiring an Audit Firm

Hiring an audit firm is not easy but not hard either. The most important thing is to rely on references. Here are questions to ask a reference: How well was the audit done?How fast did they get out to do any field work?How fast after the field … [Continue reading]

Church Audits

There are several types of audits and here are the iterations Who does the auditInternal Audit - this is done in-house by the treasurer or an independent audit committee. Usually this is free (done by volunteers) and is not in-depth. It is a … [Continue reading]

Marketing – Door Hangers

A couple of years ago I spoke with a guy doing political print ads. He said that the best way for a politician to get his point across was to speak directly to the voters. The second best way was for volunteers to put door hangers on people's … [Continue reading]

Guerrilla Marketing

Churches must do more marketing to become visible to their neighbors. While people see church buildings, they may not have a personal contact with that church. Here are some cheap ways for church members to interact with their neighbors and hopefully … [Continue reading]