When I was a poor college student I had barely enough to get by. I certainly didn’t have any money to tithe. And when the offering plate was passed, I wanted to give but I couldn’t. I had no financial margin in my life.

One Sunday morning I walked from my parking spot to the church and noticed on a ground a $10 bill. I put it in my wallet knowing I could use it for a meal or some expense. Before going too far I felt a nagging question (from God? Probably): why don’t you put this found money in the offering plate.

I sat through the service and when the plate was passed, I passed. The money never left my wallet. I felt guilty afterward – I was given money, I was asked to give it away, and I didn’t.

That was almost 40 years ago but I remember it quite well. The lesson I’ve tried to learn is to be generous whenever I can. Opportunities will appear out of nowhere and you’ll be asked to give. Do it – you won’t regret being generous but you will regret being stingy. I still do.

Lead On!