10 Financial Ratios (part 10 of 10)

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Planning Meeting

Capital Campaign

  1. Definition: a multi-year fundraising church-wide event
  2. Results:
    1. Minimum: Held every 5-10 years
    2. Purpose: Raising money for a church need (a building, debt reduction, etc) and maybe an intangible goal (a missions project or missionary support)
  3. Consequences:
    1. Capital campaigns are additional times to do member education about stewardship and generosity
    2. Capital campaigns are opportunities to receive input from members and to cast vision for the future of the church
    3. If these are too infrequent, the church can have
      1. Complacency by members about their roles in the church
      2. Deferred maintenance on the church facilities and church’s vision

Now What? So What?

  • Compare your church’s financial ratios to the optimum range for each ratio.
  • Develop a 2-3 year plan to bring your ratios in line with best financial practices.


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