10 Financial Ratios (part 3 of 10)

 Giving Per Adult Per Week

  1. Definition: Divide weekly budget receipts by total Sunday worship attendance
  2. Results:
    1. Minimum: $30 per person per week for a low-end sustainable ministry
    2. Optimum: $40-$55 per person per week for growing ministry
  3. Consequences:
    1. If the average is $25 or less then the church is in financial peril; the financial heathiest churches are $40+ per week and growing year over year.
    2. Chart this giving on a weekly basis to track trends and get ahead of any downturn.

Now What? So What?

  • Compare your church’s financial ratios to the optimum range for each ratio.
  • Develop a 2-3 year plan to bring your ratios in line with best financial practices.


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