A Prayer for Wisdom, Patience, & Courage

What do you pray for yourself? That may sound selfish but it all depends on your motives. There are the three things I pray for myself (and for others).

  • Wisdom

o   I pray to know what to say and what not to say. What to do and what not to do. When and Where and How and especially Why. I pray so I can impart wisdom to others and healing and understanding and even personal sacrifice. I pray for wisdom – for soothing words and tones.

  • Patience

o   I’m not good at patience. I need a lot of that. And, as the joke goes, I need it now! But patience is waiting and helps others see the benefits of waiting. Patience is hearing and comprehending others and not seeking your own words and way. Patience is calming and peaceful.

  • Courage

o   Courage to me is knowing when to act on my beliefs. And those beliefs are tempered in the kilns of wisdom and patience. Courage is best at stepping in to avoid an injustice to others and to ones-self. Courage is helping when the reason is right but the time may seem wrong. Courage is a matter of timing and knowing what to do and say based on the depth of accumulated wisdom and patience.


Pray for wisdom, patience, and courage for you and for others.


Lead On!