A Request for Your Generosity

It costs me about $750 a year to run my two websites: www.churchbestpractices.org and www.financeforchurches.org
I used to charge for my materials but I’ve decided to give away my materials for free and rely on your generosity.

Many of you have downloaded the manuals and templates I’ve written and that gives me great joy – that you are using something of mine to help you and your ministry. That is wonderful. Some of you have even come back to my sites repeatedly to get more documents. That tells me you found the first downloads useful enough to warrant repeat visits. That is outstanding!

Now for the ask – if you have found my material useful, please make a gift of $100 or $50 or $25 or multiples of any of those amounts. You can buy a “gift card” in the store of www.churchbestpractices.org and that will help cover my costs.

I want to continue providing useful products but $750 a year out of my pocket is tough on my finances. And I’m willing to put up more products if you tell me what you need – send an email. Let me know how I can keep helping.

Thank you for your patronage of my sites and thank you – in advance – for your generosity. 

God is Love; Love is Generosity; God is Generosity. Let’s be more like God and be generous throughout our lives.