A Story about God’s Faithfulness

2016 04-April 12 (13)

One of my clients received this letter from a church member. It is a great example of truly trusting God in everything, including finances.


A few years ago, we attended the church during the tithing challenge. We saw so many wonderful blessings that could only have been the hand of God. Through the years, we would miss church and not tithe for those missed weeks. Even this week, I went into the app yesterday to give and did a smaller amount than usual. I rationalized the reason is so I can give to so many other people at Christmas time. After leaving the service, I knew I was wrong and gave more. I know I can skip a few luxuries to make the budget work, but I didn’t UNTIL I heard the service Sunday.


I type this as a reminder to myself and for you to know, I saw God work in ways that would only be possible through my worship of giving to Him.


Within the first weeks of really tithing, we had a government agency sending bills for months. I would tell them why their bill was wrong. I contemplated paying it because it was “only” a $600 bill and no matter how many forms I filled out, they would send me a new bill the following month with interest accruing. After I was tithing, I received a phone call from the government agency saying they needed some info to process a refund. Seriously, a refund of hundreds of dollars.


My frugal father called and said he wanted to thank me for helping him so much through the years and give me a gift of $500. NEVER would we have expected this!


Small things happened too. Eating out at a restaurant we talked about how God was blessing us and tithing was incredible way to KNOW without a doubt His presence. Within a minute a manager came over and told us our meal was on the house!


I am thankful and truly appreciate the brilliant ways my church has us learn from scripture. God bless you all!


Lead On!