Advent & the Church (part 1 of 4)

Advent means “the arrival of a notable thing, event, or person.” Christians celebrate the arrival of Christ – and that requires us humans to get ready during the weeks before Christmas.


The church has five major purposes: discipleship & education, worship & music, care & service, and outreach & missions. Many churches plan their budgets, staffing, and programming around these emphases. These areas can also be a focus during Advent.

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First Sunday of Advent: Discipleship & Education

On this Sunday we celebrate the role of the church in the Christian education of our children and adults. Education is a never-ending process – it is not a goal. We strive every day, every week, and every year to be a better person than before. Today we celebrate four components of Christian education. When we take each of these into our lives, we become better people, every day.

  • Joy – a radiance of today. Joy is a gift which changes moods and emotions. Do you have joy? Are you a provider of joy to others? What or who gives you joy?
  • Hope – a promise for the future. Hope is a future that is better than today, better for you, your family, and your friends. What gives you hope? What takes away your hope? How can you express to others what or who is your hope? How can you be a source of hope to others?
  • Peace – an inner calm. It is knowing that all will be well even if it is not well right now. What or who upsets your inner peace? Where or how do you have peace restored? How can you be a source of peace to others?
  • Love – an acceptance that you are worthwhile to others and yourself. Love is being a source of unconditional sustenance to others in good times and bad. Are you a source of love to others? What is your level of self-love?

2014 12-December 27 (2111) Barcelona; Nave of the Sagrada Familia

How are you learning about these emotions and concepts? Are you farther down the road than a year ago? Take time to do a self-inventory to see what is your level of each of these and where do you want to be.


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