Anniversary Gift

R & C’s 50th wedding anniversary was approaching and R asked me about making a gift to the church in honor of their anniversary. C loved the children’s music ministry and had volunteered there for decades. R asked if he give the church $50,000 for their 50th anniversary and create a named fund to benefit children’s music. I told him I was pretty sure we could and after checking with the committee, it was authorized.

C was ecstatic. She said it was the best gift she could have ever received. Over the next several years, R gave more and at last count, the fund was close to $500,000 which is enough to fund the programming budget and part of the salary. R & C continue to worship there 10 years on and are very happy with their decision to fund this ministry of the church.

The agreement that R signed with the church contained the following phrase: “If the original purpose of the gift is no longer a ministry of the church, then the Endowment Team may distribute grants to similar purposes or, if those don’t exist, to other ministries of the church as requested.” This ensures that should the children’s music ministry no longer be part of the church’s strategy, the church can use this gift as it wants and needs without consulting the donor. This phrase should be included in all donor agreements.

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