Building Management (part 2 of 7)

Flooring: carpet versus vinyl tile

  • When deciding what kind of flooring to put in an area, first look at the use and foot traffic of that space. Areas that are pass-throughs such as hallways have, by definition, more traffic than destinations, such as offices or rooms.
  • Hallways should have vinyl tile or some other hard surface
    • Durable floor surfaces are the priority because of the heavy foot traffic, and hard surfaces have a lifespan that is double or triple that of carpet
    • Hallways are noisy but sound control is not a priority
    • They should be easy to clean since there is more potential for people to spill things on the floor
  • Classrooms and offices should have carpet or some other sound-absorbent material
    • There is a great need for sound control so that those seated in the space can hear each other
    • Carpets make rooms feel warmer and more welcome
    • Carpets in rooms will last for years because there is less foot traffic than in a hallway


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