Business Books

Why don’t ministers read more business books? There are some classics out there by gurus such as Tom Peters, Peter Drucker, and Jim Collins. There are lesser known authors or newer authors such as the Heath brothers (right now I’m reading their book, Made to Stick – great stuff). Popular business books from the past few years are very readable and enjoyable.

If I could, I’d challenge every minister to read one business book for every two books he or she reads on theology or church life. Think outside the box! After all, a minister is the CEO of a corporation. An aside, a minister once told me that the church is the only organization in the world where the customers (who pay the bills) are also the stockholders (who control the company) which leaves the staff in the middle.

So, please read some business books. Here is a sample:

  • Me, Myself, and Bob by Phil Vischer (story of the rise and fall of Veggie Tales)
  • In Search of Excellence by Tom Peters (a management classic)
  • Made to Stick by Chip & Dan Heath (communicating your message)
  • Switch also by the Heath brothers (how to bring change to your organization)
  • Good to Great by Jim Collins (and the 30-page monograph dealing with non-profits)
  • How the Mighty Fall by Jim Collins (how to detect and stop the decline of your organization)
  • Y-size Your Business by Jason Dorsey (not read it yet but gets rave reviews about including the next generation of 20-somethings)
  • and too many others to count but this list will get you started
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