Church Custodial Management (part 1 of 10)

Hire well

  • The most important part of managing a custodial staff is to hire well.
  • Hire for attitude, not aptitude. You can train a willing, cooperative person to have better skills, but a person’s attitudes are nearly impossible to change.
  • While custodians are not highly paid, there are numerous benefits the church can provide to them:
    • Clothing: the church can buy uniforms so they don’t have to spend money on work clothes
    • Meals: Wednesday suppers can be provided at no cost to the custodial staff, and often there are enough leftovers from other meals during the week to feed custodians and many other staff members
    • Benevolence: when a custodian has a large medical, housing, or other need, the church can step in and help take care of all or part of that need. It will engender loyalty on the part of the custodian and depending on how it is handled, it might not be taxable to the custodian.

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