Church Custodial Management (part 10 of 10)

Custodian and Administrator Responsibilities


  • Custodians have these primary responsibilities
    • Room setup and teardown
    • Cleanliness
    • Maintenance
    • Security
  • Administrators are responsible for the work done (or not done) by the custodian(s).
    • If a custodian is not meeting expectations, the administrator must take action in the form of a meeting or disciplinary consequences.
    • Before taking disciplinary action, it is important to learn the reasons for the poor performance. Sometimes a personal matter can make it hard for an employee to focus. The administrator might be able to help with the personal matter and thus retain a good employee.
    • If the custodian is just not able to do his or her job, release the employee ASAP. Be as generous as you can with a severance package and recommit yourself to hiring well on the next custodian.
  • Administrators are responsible for the morale of the custodians too. A couple of times a year, do something “fun” such as buying them pizza for lunch or hosting a game of pool.
  • Custodians are people but too many times they are seen as tools; treat them as people, not utensils.


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