Church Custodial Management (part 9 of 10)

Create spreadsheets (part 2 of 2)



  • Create whatever spreadsheets help you. Below is a list of some that many administrators find useful:
    • Room setups – this spreadsheet should list all rooms in rows, and the columns should have titles for the weekly or monthly regular meetings, the normal setup style, how long it takes to do the regular setup and teardown, and other info.
    • Room cleaning – this spreadsheet will list all rooms in the entire facility and how long it takes to clean each room on a weekly basis (vacuum, empty trash, wash boards, etc.) and then how long it takes to give the room a deeper cleaning of the room on a quarterly or semi-annual basis (thorough floor cleaning, washing windows, etc.).
    • Vendors – this lists all the companies that provide services and products for the building and grounds. It also lists what each company does, the contact people, their phone numbers, emails, and other ways to reach key people.
    • Floor plans – make several copies of your floor plans and then on each copy, mark the location of the following items:
      • Fire
        • Main Fire Panel
        • Fire Pull Stations
        • Visual Alarms (strobe lights)
        • Smoke Detectors
        • Heat Detectors
        • Fire Extinguisher locations
        • Riser closet (for sprinkler system)
        • External pressure pump for sprinkler system)
      • Water cutoff valves and what they cut off
      • Electrical
        • Electrical panels
        • Main breakers
      • Security
        • Camera recording computer
        • Camera locations
        • Motion detector sensors
        • Angle and distance of motion sensor throws
      • HVAC
        • Equipment locations
        • Thermostat locations
        • Equipment make, model, description, and condition
      • Other lists
        • Key log
        • Capital Needs List
        • Normal HVAC Schedule
        • List of roof replacements
        • List of areas & rooms painted and when
        • List of areas & rooms with new flooring and when
      • Give copies of these electronic files to key people. Update these files as often as information changes. These are “living” docs and should not be shelved; use them regularly.


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