Church Office Life Stories

I’ve got a great idea for a sitcom – church office life. Problem is that I could collect all these stories and try to sell them to Hollywood but Hollywood would never believe these actually happened. So I’m going to share with my readers (all two, so far!) some funny and amazing stories of church office life. Here’s the first one – I’ve got a bunch more. And if you’re reading this, please contribute your own church office life stories.

Best story I heard this week:

A church changed its email and its URL. They had to. A church member (who is about 80 years old) owned the URL and would not release it to the church. In fact, when the church administrator went to Mrs. Smith’s house to talk with her about this, Mrs. Smith very proudly showed the administrator her three computers. When one of the computers had a new entry on its screen, Mrs. Smith invited the administrator over. “Look, here’s a new email. Let’s open it.” Mrs. Smith not only had hijacked the church’s URL and the email but she was reading all church email!! The administrator quickly left the house and realized the church had to change its URL and email in order to protect itself from Mrs. Smith!

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