Columbarium – Part 4: Where to Put It

I’ve led in the construction of two columbaria, one at a Baptist church and another at a Presbyterian church. There was no denominational difference. Our respective goal was to honor the saints and provide a place of sanctuary for people visiting those saints.

In each case we found a secluded area of the church’s grounds. One was an existing patio immediately outside the sanctuary and the other took a grassy semi-circle at the end of a building. The patio was far cheaper because the walls and concrete flooring were already there; the masons just had to build up a structure into which the brass niches were installed. The other was a much larger construction project requiring about six months of work. It was designed by a landscape architect; it required a lot of bricks, major landscaping improvements, plumbing for a waterfall and electricity for some uplighting. It also contained seven sets of niches whereas the first one I did only had one set of niches.

Both columbaria provided a quiet place even though they are both near a major street. One of them has a waterfall which covers the noise of the nearby road and both have lots of greenery to enhance the atmosphere and provide privacy. Both have benches for people to sit while they visit and they are open to the public at all hours-the gates are never locked. The seclusion of each one ensures that for the most part only church-goers even know the columbarium is there.

In both cases the columbarium has enhanced the landscaping of the church. Each has been a wonderful addition.

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