Confidentiality Agreement

Every church has a lot of confidential information from employee wages to member contributions to counseling confessions. While staff are aware of the need to protect this confidential information, churches need to do a better job in asking their lay leaders to keep confidence in the info they see. I suggest that all decision-making committees and teams (elders/trustees/board members, personnel, finance, nominating, endowment, etc.) sign a confidentiality agreement.


Sample Agreement

I hereby acknowledge that as a Board Member for Grace Family Fellowship, I will have access to confidential information concerning Grace Family Fellowship, including but not limited to board discussions and initiatives; information on Grace Family Fellowship employees, donors, contracts, investments, and vendors; and legal, financial, and other proprietary information about the church.

I agree that I will not at any time – during my tenure on the Board, or in the years following that tenure – divulge any such confidential information, nor transfer any such confidential information to any third party, nor use any such confidential information for the own purpose or for any purpose other than in connection with my authorized role as a Board Member of Grace Family Fellowship, unless such disclosure shall have been approved in writing in advance by Grace Family Fellowship.

I agree that upon completion of my participation as a Board Member of Grace Family Fellowship I will return to Grace Family Fellowship all confidential information on the church in my possession or under my control.


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Board Member Signature                                                                               Date


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