Contractors (part 4 of 6)



  • Every 3 to 5 years, put contracts out to bid. This includes EVERYTHING from the food supplier, elevator, dumpster, commercial property insurance, copiers, postage meter, financial audit, custodian supplies, etc.
  • Some companies are so hungry they’ll cut prices to get enough business to keep their employees.
  • Some companies are willing to do anything just to keep good customers which could even mean revamping a contract halfway through its term.
  • Examples of savings from some clients:
    • Commercial property insurance was reduced by 42%
    • A smaller and cheaper postage meter was obtained because more mail was sent electronically
    • The new copier contract permitted an upgrade to a color machine for less than the previous price of a black-and-white machine
    • The bank reduced its fees just to retain the relationship
  • In every instance, insist that the savings not affect the quality of service


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