Contractors (part 5 of 6)


Learn the Industry Jargon/Lingo

  • Every trade (plumbing, electrical, carpentry, HVAC, roofing, etc.) has terminology that is inherent only to that trade. They also have words that are common to all of them just because they are in the construction business.
  • Administrators will help themselves if they can learn the vocabulary used in the construction business and within each trade; they don’t have to know it all, but they should know enough to be able to understand the specifics of that trade.
  • Knowing the lingo of a trade will also help keep the administrator from feeling that he or she is getting taken advantage of by some person wanting to overwhelm or baffle the administrator.
  • Most tradespeople will appreciate that the administrator can speak their language so they don’t have to interpret everything they say.


Lead On!