Contractors (part 6 of 6)


Scheduling Vendor Visits

  • Tradespeople have a habit of showing up whenever it suits them. Work with your suppliers to establish a specific date and time for each visit.
    • Setting up dates and times will help the church manage who is on its campus (a prudent security action especially if there are children at the church).
    • Planning visits enables the administrator to set aside time to work on a specific issue instead of being torn between items demanding his/her attention at the same time.
    • Setting up dates and times for the trades is also a benefit to the vendors’ scheduling processes.
  • Bumping vendors because of funerals
    • All vendors need to be informed at the outset of a contract that if they are working on a project, they might be bumped if there is a funeral. Funerals are always unknown events but they are priorities.
    • Negotiate up front who will bear any expense regarding lost productivity due to a funeral–the church or the vendor. The vendor may be able to work at another customer’s location on the day of the funeral.

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