Financial Office Contact Info

What is the email address for your Finance Office? Too many times churches use the name(s) of staff. It’s good and necessary for your Finance Office staff to have an email address for their professional needs. However, your Finance Office needs a generic email address for companies use for sending invoices or acknowledgements or other financial docs.

I recommend that every church create a fictional person which will be the point of contact for all routine Finance Office correspondence, snail or email. This “person” is:

  • First Name: Finance
  • Last Name: Office
  • Email (where “” is your church’s email server)
  • Address: your church’s main mail address

Creating this will ensure that whenever there is staff turnover in the Finance Office, you won’t have to change email addresses on all the various accounts the church has with vendors. This also creates a standard by which everyone in the office (and even the membership) use with vendors to get bills sent to the church. This keeps things simple – simple is good!


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