Financial Resolutions 3

The next set of financial resolutions for churches from Brad Leeper of
5. Churches can still raise financial resources for major projects if … Churches that successfully raise additional funds for major projects make an audible from classic campaign approaches. Donors are eager to give to the right projects if we adapt our methods from past practices. People eager to give generously look for certain qualities in a project before giving. Their decision making grid is radically different than even just a few years ago.

 ·Generous people look for more specific benchmarks and ask much harder questions in search for validation of the project.

 ·Does the project make sense? Is the reason to give sacrificially clear and compelling?

 ·Has the leadership thought this project through? Has the leadership done due diligence? Just because the pastor loves this project has little bearing on my love for the project.

 ·Would my investment directly help people? Buildings do not inspire me.

 ·There are far more attractive projects outside the church that appear more meaningful to me. Just because I attend church here does not mean that I automatically buy into your project.

 ·Does this project help the poor?

 Give a change of pace from predictable practices to foster generosity. Even though much of my work centers on capital campaigns, I fight hard to keep those two words from my interaction with clients. Most of my clients call their effort a “mission expansion project” or “vision expansion project”. Stewardship is replaced by generosity. Vision casting and telling gripping narratives begin months in advance not compressed into a five week package. Print media is replaced with moving video work that is viewed repeatedly on YouTube.


The traditional three-year giving period for a mission expansion project can be shortened. People are increasingly skeptical about long-term commitments. A fast growing church can actually be hindered with a long giving season. Churches that have made adjustments to converse with a new kind of donor still cultivate significant resources for their vision.
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