Funnies – December 2011

More stories from church life

  • Weddings!
    • One January a mom called the church office to reserve the Sanctuary for her daughter’s wedding. The mother of the bride (MOTB) asked for a date in June, 18 months from when she called! When the office assistant congratulated the mom on the daughter’s engagement, mom said that the daughter wasn’t engaged yet but she was sure it would happen soon and she wanted to get the date she wanted reserved on the church calendar. It was an interesting wedding!
    • The most beautiful wedding I’ve ever heard of was when Miss Alabama got married several years ago. You see, Miss Alabama’s bridesmaids were friends she’d met in various competitions. So, preceding Miss Alabama down the aisle were Miss Georgia, Miss South Carolina, Miss Mississppi, and a couple of other beauty queens. As I said, it was a beautiful wedding!
  • The minister’s wife left her purse under her pew in church one Sunday. She asked her husband to go back to the church and get it for her. When the minister walked into the Sanctuary, he didn’t turn on the lights because he would only be there for less than a minute. He went to where his wife usually sat and reached under the pew for the pocketbook. He grabbed some fabric and heard a yell from a man, the church’s custodian. That’s when the minister realized that the custodian was sleeping in the Sanctuary on the floor after worship. The wife got her purse and the custodian found another job!
  • Construction began on a new building for the church but first they had to demolish the existing structure. The wrecking ball knocked down walls and the excavator loaded up all the debris into dump trucks. But everything stopped when the wrecking ball swung too far and knocked down part of the mechanic’s shop next door. Fortunately the church’s insurance covered the bill for a brand new building. This was also unfortunate because the church had future plans to purchase the dilapidated mechanic’s shop but now couldn’t afford the price of the shop!

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