Memorial Letters

Memorial notes are acknowledgement letters sent by the church to both the donor and to the family of the deceased for whom the memorial gift was given. It is important for the finance office of a church to get these memorial acknowledgements mailed as soon as possible (within a week of receiving the gift). Some members of a church expect to receive a letter from the church and will call the church if they haven’t received anything; for good relations with donors, let them know ASAP about their gift.


Memorial gifts are also an additional revenue stream if churches will develop this. People want to give money to whatever cause the deceased person was closely attached to. Churches will be wise to work with families during the funeral preparation time to steer them toward selecting a ministry of the church which can use the additional gifts.


This may seem callous but it isn’t. Someone is going to get that money. Why not the church since it will be the church that does the funeral and takes care of the family? Why not encourage gifts to the church cause was most dear to the deceased? All church ministers, especially those tasked with pastoral care, need to be taught how to bring up the subject of directed memorial gifts.


Then, when the gifts come in, send out nice and appropriate thank you notes to the donors and gift receipt acknowledgements to the family members.


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