Free Stuff is now entirely FREE. This is a website where I have posted scores of free documents, manuals, spreadsheets, etc. Over the 25 plus years that I’ve been a church administrator, I’ve created docs at all the churches I’ve … [Continue reading]

Your Money is Waiting

When a vendor is overpaid, they are legally required to return it. Sometimes vendors can’t (or can’t be troubled) find the person or company that paid too much. In those cases, they send it to the unclaimed property division that each state treasurer … [Continue reading]

Employer or Contractor?

This question comes up way too often. Churches want to classify people as contractors when they are really employees. I understand that it is a pain to get all the tax forms, set them up in the payroll system, and have the extra FICA expense. But … [Continue reading]

Wills for New Families

Having a child is a major legal decision. Most churches are great at helping new parents with new baby stuff: food for mom & dad, baby showers with gifts, support for mom (and dad) in the first few months, etc. Churches need to add a legal … [Continue reading]

Anniversary Gift

R & C’s 50th wedding anniversary was approaching and R asked me about making a gift to the church in honor of their anniversary. C loved the children’s music ministry and had volunteered there for decades. R asked if he give the church $50,000 … [Continue reading]

Bequest Stories #4 – Building Improvements

Joe was considered to be your average church member in terms of financial assets but everyone knew that Joe loved his church. A few months after Joe died, the church learned that not only had Joe remembered his church in his will, but he was … [Continue reading]

A Request for Your Generosity

It costs me about $750 a year to run my two websites: and I used to charge for my materials but I've decided to give away my materials for free and rely on your generosity. Many of you have … [Continue reading]

Bequest Stories #3 – Long-Time Coming

Mrs. Dawson was in her 90s when she died. She left her church and a local university each 40% of her $4.5 million estate (which was invested 100% in Coca Cola stock and was worth double that just a few years before – there’s a lesson in fund … [Continue reading]