Rational Conversations on Emotional Subjects

I’ve noticed an interesting thing about most human conversations. Sometimes one person approaches the subject in a thoughtful manner while the other person, may have rational point of view and an emotional link to the subject. Occasionally, both sides have emotional connections to the topic. Infrequently both sides talk about a subject in a completely rational manner.

When emotion enters into any conversation, it becomes difficult to talk in a balanced manner. Emotions usually trump reason; feelings are more powerful than thoughts and frequently control human actions.

As you have a conversation with a colleague, vendor, church member, volunteer, family member, or anyone, keep in mind your own emotions and how they are affecting your point of view and what you are saying. Likewise, recognize the feelings that the other person has and how those emotions affect the topic in ways that you don’t know or understand because they’ve had a different life-experience than you’ve had.

Emotions will always affect every decision that is made but emotions should not control the outcome of all decisions. Decision-making should be based on the best information available until more or different information is available. By definition, feelings will affect decisions – and that is a good thing. The key is to ensure that in the end, there is a well-thought out decision which is in the best interest of everyone involved.

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