Rubber Stamps on invoices instead of paper forms

I don’t like unnecessary paperwork. Years ago I came up with a rubber stamp to cut down on paperwork in the church’s finance office. Every invoice paid by a church should have information attached to it so that there is a clear description of all the info that is needed to process the payment accurately.


Most churches have a “payment request” form that is filled out and attached to each invoice. A form is fine but sometimes the attached form is detached from the original invoice. Instead of a form, I created a rubber stamp (see below) which I stamp on many (but not all) invoices from vendors.


Payment Approval & Coding Info


Description _________________________

Account #                              Amount

_________________        _____________

______________               ___         _____________

Approval ___________________________

Ck# _______________     Date _________


Using this rubber stamp ensures that it won’t be separated from the invoice, it saves money by not having to make copies of the payment request form, and it saves time by having a smaller “form” to complete than most large paper forms. I even buy a rubber stamp for each person in the office who completes the paper forms to make it more convenient for them.


Consider having this (or a similar) rubber stamp to make your finance office more efficient.


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