Signs from God

Throughout my life I’ve asked God for signs: what job to take, what woman to date, where to go to school, what house to buy, etc. You probably have done the same. But as I read the Bible, I notice something interesting: almost every “sign from God” is different from the others.

God doesn’t like to repeat signs. God does original things; God is creative.

That’s hard on humans, though. When I ask God for a sign, I’m expecting to see something that I recognize is a sign from God (not from someone or something else). I’ll recognize the God-sign because I’ve seen it before. But that doesn’t work with a God who does original stuff all the time.

How do you know when a sign is from God?

Three ways: you talk with God (a lot!), you talk with others (a lot!), and you think about who you are (a lot!). If there is consensus between all three conversations (with God, others, & yourself), then you should probably do it. But if any one of the three tells you to pause, then stop.

Just remember this: God is all about creation and doing unique things. God made you different than everyone else that has ever existed. God will do things for you that God will never do for anyone else.

The next time you ask God for a sign, you may not recognize the sign. Instead, listen closely to God, your friends, and even your inner voice. Learn to recognize those voices – you’ll recognize them because you know and trust them. That is the best – and most unique to you – sign there is.


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