Toilet Heights

Almost 20 years ago, Isabel McCormack told me that when I renovated the bathrooms near her Sunday School Class that I must put in only handicap height toilets even though they cost more. I thought about it and did what she said – Isabel always made rational suggestions and she wielded a lot of influence in the church.

Over the years I’ve come to agree even more with Isabel. The marketing term is “comfort-height” toilets and they are

  • about 3 inches taller than the older toilets
  • easier to stand up from, especially for seniors
  • easier to sit on because you don’t feel like you’re about to hit the floor
  • available in models which don’t clog which saves on plumbing expenses

Since Isabel spoke with me, I’ve renovated several dozen bathrooms and installed close to 100 toilets. Every single one has been a comfort-height toilet. Even when I redid the bathrooms in my own home, I used these toilets (since I’m getting older, too!).  One downside – I’ve been told that people who are closer to 5 feet tall than 6 feet have their legs dangling when they sit down. While that may not be as comfortable, it is not a deal-breaker in moving to these toilets.

For final and full disclosure, I only use the elongated toilets, too. That is easier for men to use. One last comment – I’ve noticed architects specifying elongated, comfort-height toilets in all work I’ve been a part of for the past several years.

Yes, this is a weird post but it does fall under the heading of “other stuff” in church administration!

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