True Test of Servanthood

How do you act when you’re treated like a servant? Too often I don’t react well. People ask me to do this, they complain about that, and they want me to take care of something else. They treat me like a servant. Well, I am a servant, so I should expect to be treated like a servant. But I’m also a leader, and my humanity tells me I should be treated like a leader.

One of the key things about servants is that while they are called on to do lots of menial chores, their role is vital. If not for them, much of the work would never been done. Never underestimate the need for servants and the work they do.

I’ve seen families with servants and how those servants were treated. Almost always the servants were treated with graciousness and respect. Occasionally servants were treated in a demeaning way, and those places had high turnover rates among their servants. Servants are never to be denigrated. They are to be appreciated and valued for the assistance they provide.

So, when I’m treated like a servant, I need to understand the motives of the person. Are they “putting me in my place,” in which I case I have a responsibility to help them understand how to use church servants more effectively? Or, does the requestor have a real need and I, the servant, can help meet that need like few others can? Can I read through the question to see the real intention and then be a servant to this child of God? I’m going to try and I hope you will, too.

Lead On!