Unnecessarily Complicated

Relationships get complicated mostly because people can be complicated. However, work product should be as simple as possible. Over the years I’ve seen things at work made complicated because people (it always boils down to people being involved!) make things complicated so they can be the ultimate problem solvers, since they are the only ones who know how it was all put together.

I’ve seen “unnecessarily complicated” in

  • Accounting – where financial statements and chart of accounts were so complex that even CPAs couldn’t follow the figures.
  • Governance – where the decision-making process was perceived to be democratic but when analyzed, ultimate authority was in the hands of a few people.
  • Technology – where hardware and software where installed to “protect the church” but it was so much that it meant the staff could be spied on and that slowed down the computing power causing inefficiency
  • Banking – where bank accounts were created for individual funds (instead of using the accounting system) which resulted in additional bank fees and nightmares in transfers between accounts
  • Staffing – where a church won’t terminate an unproductive staff person so that person’s work ethic implodes staff morale resulting in even more personnel problems

And there are more, lots more – but you’ve got your own list.

Keep it simple and not complicated. When there is a problem, confront the problem. Gather some people who are good in this field or bring in a consultant/auditor who can cut through the personalities and get to the heart of the matter. Then, deal with the real problem – and that might involve letting some staff go or changing vendors – and then clean up the mess.

Get rid of what is unnecessarily complicated. It does nothing for the church or the Kingdom. It serves only to make some people feel good and/or support their egos. That has nothing to do with the goals and purposes of the church. Keep it simple and keep it aimed at God.


Lead On!