Using Ushers in Emergencies (part 2 of 2)

Here’s an idea to help your ushers know what to do when. Get every usher a clip-on name badge; clip-on badges have a loop which holds the actual name badge.  To each name badge, add three more badges which are the same size as the name badge. Yes, each name badge will be “fat” but they will also be very useful.


The three additional badges should be color coded and have specific written instructions on each one depending on the event.

  • Red – fire
  • Blue – violent weather
  • Yellow – active shooter

When one of these events happens, each usher can read his or her name badge instructions, be reminded what he or she is to do in this emergency, and then follow through on them.


The name badges are always present because the ushers always wear them. The instructions can be tailored for each usher or area of ushers. The ushers can even talk about this among themselves and train themselves and new ushers in what to do; they can even make suggestions about how to improve this system.


This simple system uses some existing volunteers, gives them critical responsibilities, and provides vital helpers during a crisis so that church staff leaders can focus on other things that only they can do.


Lead On!