Why Do Churches Continue to Exist?

I can prove that God exists: Is there a church in your neighorhood? If so, then God exists.

Let me explain. Most churches (about 90% and maybe higher) are so poorly run that if they were a for-profit business, they’d go out of business within a matter of months.

  • churches don’t have a business plan,
  • the leaders don’t generally understand finances,
  • CEOs don’t want to know who their major customers are,
  • the employees typically give things away rather than ask customers to pay for things,
  • even the customers expect to be given things just because they say they’re a member,
  • and so on – you get the idea

Churches are bad businesses. They don’t get the concept of running like a business and most don’t want to even have the term “business” associated with them. Churches have all the trappings of a business: employees, customers, and transactions (tangible, intangible and financial) between the parties. But churches still don’t want to operate like a business: market focus, strategic staffing, and ROI on physical assets.

See, if God did not exist, almost all churches would go belly up within six months. Because God exists, God keeps churches afloat despite all human endeavors to mess things up by operating “like a church.” So, because churches continue to exist, God exists. Case closed.

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