Your Money is Waiting

When a vendor is overpaid, they are legally required to return it. Sometimes vendors can’t (or can’t be troubled) find the person or company that paid too much. In those cases, they send it to the unclaimed property division that each state treasurer has. The state treasurer holds on to the money until the rightful owner claims it. Texas alone has over $3 billion it is holding till it is claimed.

The process is quite simple. Enter “unclaimed property” followed by your state. Then, go to the state’s page and follow the instructions to search for the property. If you find something that you think is yours (either personal or your church), then complete the forms and send them to the state agency that handles these claims. It will take about four to six weeks to get your money.

If anyone contacts you saying they can get money for you for a fee, ignore them. They may have searched the web and found some money for you but you can do the same thing and it won’t cost you anything. Don’t fall for scams.

It’s your money and it’s just waiting there for you. Go get it.

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