There are 350,000 types of beetles. New beetles are discovered frequently in the tropics which are still being explored. Some estimate that beetles constitute over 20% of all current life-forms in the animal kingdom. Lady bugs, cockroaches, dung beetles, rhinoceros beetles, etc – there are LOTS of beetles.

Why? Why did nature create so many beetles? Why did God allow so many different types of one animal? I don’t know. It really doesn’t matter to me and probably not to you.

What I do know and what does matter to me is that beetles show how creative God is. I would have been happy to know that we had just 20, 30, or even 100 types of beetles. But God is completely about creativity. Just look around – there have been 8 or 9 billion people on earth and everyone has 10 different fingerprints, retina patterns, face, etc.

God is all about creativity. And we should be creative, too, especially in church. But too often we resort to comfortable patterns and routines. These ruts embed grooves in our brain and in our way of thinking.

Please do not succumb to “because that’s how we’ve always done it” mentality. God doesn’t – why should we? Be creative in all you do. Be creative in worship, education (especially with young minds), in music, in office administration, and even in finances (without doing anything illegal!).

There are so many opportunities to “think outside the box” but too often we restrict ourselves or others. Don’t do that. Be more like God – BE CREATIVE and IMAGINATIVE!


Lead On!



  1. Sherry Hoover says

    Feeling a little buggy today, are you?? No, seriously I really liked your blog today! As an OLD critter like me, it is easy to stay hum drum and have the “we’ve never done it this way before” attitude; I’m thankful for people like you that challenges us to “think God”. So I’m going to continue to ask God for avenues of creativity in my workplace, my home, my relationships, my service to Him — To God be ALL the glory.