Church Finances during COVID-19 (part 1 of 5)

Issues to address immediately:

  1. Online giving – if you don’t have it, get it now. My currently preferred vendor is Tithely. They can get you set up in a few hours (they say they can do it in minutes but…). Then, promote the heck out of your online giving.
  2. Audio & video technology – This crisis has forced many churches to acknowledge their AV equipment wasn’t ready. PLEASE invest more money into this area. You won’t regret it. After this is over you’ll have really good microphones. With your video equipment, you can improve or launch an online service so that members can watch you whether they’re homebound, traveling, sick, in a retirement community, or just want to watch the service again during the week.
  3. Paycheck Protection Program – the $2.2 trillion CARES Act (and its related additional acts) provide churches federal money. This is the first time the US government has offered money to faith groups. Fill out the forms, work with your local banker, and get the money. If you don’t need or want the money – get it anyway. You can always
    1. Return the money later
    2. Give it to a non-profit that you partner with
    3. Use it for missions in your community


I think every church in the world has realized the need for those two things. These are no longer “wants” but actual needs. Yes, it will cost some money but it may be the difference in survival and closing your doors.

Lead On!


Listen to the podcast:–the-CARES-Act–and-Making-Tough-Decisions-ecfgm7


  1. Steve,

    I always find your newsletter to be so helpful, thank you!!

    However, I disagree on your last point about getting the SBA PPP loan, even if you don’t need it. I started applying for the loan immediately, for our church ($2 million operating budget). After going through part of the process, and reading the certification borrowers must make, we knew we could/should not do it – even after considering what to do with the money (ie, as you noted, pay it back, give to missions etc), as we have sufficient reserves and continued cash flow coming in.

    From one website: “To demonstrate injury, the borrower must make a “good faith certification” … “that the uncertainty of current economic conditions makes necessary the loan request to support the ongoing operations of the [prospective borrower].”

    Clearly, some churches will need the PPP to survive.
    We believed we could not make that certification.
    Just a consideration.

  2. Ben Haygood says

    Thanks Steve – Our church has been trying to go to streaming our services. This virus just helped to force the issue and make us do it. Sure hate that we are going through this virus but it did make us finally realize the need for the streaming service.

    Regarding the Cares Act, our church has been blessed with some great giving over the last couple of years and presently, we are not in the need of help from the Cares Act. I am praying our church has made the right decision not to apply for this aid.