Leap of Faith


For several years I have felt that my gifts and experience in church and non-profit finance could be used to help numerous churches and other organizations. In the 6 ½ years I’ve been at my current church, I’ve accomplished a lot in getting the church’s finances and facilities where they need to be. I’ve helped the church operate more efficiently, effectively, and use technology better; I want other churches to use their resources in the best ways possible. I want to be able to offer my “services” to other places, so I need to make myself available. I believe this will free up some of the church’s resources in order to hire a facilities manager and/or executive pastor–two positions which the church needs but doesn’t currently have.
Because of this, I am resigning my position as Church Administrator of my church effective January 2, 2012. From now on, I am actively seeking a different challenge–and we (my wife and I) hope that will be as a self-employed consultant where I can work with multiple churches and non-profit organizations.
One of the joys I’ve had in the past few years is authoring this blog on church finances, which has had over 2,000 hits (not bad for a site focused only on church finances). I know there is a need for my services, but it will be up to God and prayers for churches to be willing to accept some outside help with their internal finances.
So, in January 2012 I’m launching a career in financial coaching/counseling for churches who need sound financial advice (how to save money, how to bring in more money, how to make the finances and offices more streamlined, efficient, and effective). I don’t know of anyone else doing this (maybe there’s a reason for that!) but it is a passion of mine. In today’s economic strain, churches must become even better managers of the resources they have.

As you can imagine, this is a huge step of faith for us as a family and for me as a professional. We ask for your prayers as we go through this change and for your creative ideas about places that might be able to use my expertise. Please contact me (steveplaw@gmail.com) to discuss financial coaching/counseling for your church or organization.

Lead On!


  1. I think you should contact the A29 church planting network and let them know your service and expertise is available. http://www.acts29network.org

  2. Great move to step out. I am sure you will be VERY busy consulting.

  3. I am proud of you for following your passion and what I believe is God’s call. I believe in you.